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Fajara - The Gambia



Square metres:

144 - 246 m²


on request

Parking space:


Building year:

coming soon - 2022

The Village Expose – invest GREEN_de_einzel

The design takes up the peculiarity of the small-scale existing buildings by means of individual bungalows and converts them into a modern, efficient apartment building concept with a fascinating view of the sea and nature. The building complex consists of four smaller semidetached houses with five residential units with different living space in each, and a larger building which serves as a reception area with conference rooms. The facility is reminiscent of a village settlement and thus makes the building volume appear small and adapted to the surroundings. All apartments enjoy the attractive line of sight between the picturesque beach and the relaxing natural zone, have several outdoor areas and achieve a very high construction quality. Maisonette apartments are also available, some of which can be used as stand-alone mini-apartments. The flexibility of the structure and the arrangement of the rooms clearly show the well thought-out planning with regard to energy-conscious construction and efficient use of the living space. There is already a communal pool area with a pool bar, a communication zone and other leisure activities can be pursued. You can relax and unwind, meet the other residents of the apartment complex and exchange ideas on various topics or do sports such as table tennis.

The Village Expose – invest GREEN_en_single

The apartment complex is of course guarded and protected from unauthorized intruders. There is a corresponding facility for the security personnel in the access area of the property, where the parking spaces are also located. The new conference centre forms the new entrance to the Kunta Kinteh Beach Complex. The car park and reception are located on the ground floor, where the staff organize themselves and provides a corresponding point of contact for all concerns and problems. On the first floor there are two conference rooms of different sizes, a beautiful foyer with a great view of the beach and a great roof terrace to enjoy the fresh salt water air outside. All new buildings together have their own drinking water supply via a borehole. The hot water is prepared sustainably with solar energy and the power supply is also designed to be self-sufficient with a PV system. A generator with an optional and absolutely environmentally friendly salt water battery, serves as a backup for the energy supply, so that an appropriate supply is guaranteed even in the event of a power failure. The guiding principle of the overall concept is to create a self-sufficient, ecologically sustainable and high-quality apartment complex with as little technical effort as possible, which offers all residents added value.

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